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Miliband: UK must become global hub


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Britain must become a "global hub" developing a network of linkages and alliances around the world, Foreign Secretary David Miliband said.


In a speech to the Fabian Society in London, he explicitly rejected former Prime Minister Tony Blair's vision of the UK as a "bridge" between Europe and the United States.


With Mr Blair's successor, Gordon Brown, in the middle of a five-day visit to China and India, Mr Miliband said that Britain needed to adopt a more global view of international relations.


"I know why we talked about being a bridge between Europe and America. Because they were talking past each other. But France and Germany now have good relations with America. That is good," he said. "But bridge was never quite right. We have global assets. A global language. Global businesses and NGOs. And global networks. That is why I talk about Britain as a global hub, promoting our values and interests on the global stage.


"We are members of the EU. Our most important bilateral relationship is with the US. And in China and India, our links with Europe and America help us do that."


Globalisation, he argued, had created a "new paradigm" of shared interests and common problems around the world.


Oh and UK, Welcome to Corporate Socialism!


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