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...to Warrington Town's youth team on another fine performance in their 2-1 victory against Chester tonight in front of a decent size crowd.

Ensures Town stay top of the league for another week.

Good luck for the rest of the season and in the cup final.


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Oficial match report not yet published but.... 


Both teams started well with some good passing play, Chester went ahead with a scrappy goal... Warrington claimed the ball was controlled by the hand of the striker before being poked in at close range.  Two goals by Chris Bandell gave Warrington the lead. Chester tried to keep playing the ball around but were not as convincing having gone behind, during the game Warrington had several other decent chances but did not convert them. 


Keeping the pressure on Prescot Cables who (providing Warrington can win their remaining games) must win all of their remaining games if they are to displace Warrington at the top of the league.


The next few weeks are going to be pretty tense :P


(Whoever told me Chester were 7 games unbeaten was confused :) )

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Keep those plugs coming!


Latest news from the league table....  Prescot Cables have been deducted 1 point under disciplinary rules, so if we win all games in hand and don't get any discipline deductions, and maintain the goal difference gap (6) then the title is ours... by the skin of our teeth. :mrgreen:


That will be a tough challenge and the team need to maintain their professionalism and discipline.


We have to play FC United away this Sunday (whose recent game with Prescot was "robust" and may have contributed to the card count and Prescots subsequent point deduction) then Morecambe in the week, before we play them again in the cup final next weekend.


Last game of the season Wednesday 8th at home against Curzon


Hopefully Prescot will slip up somewhere along the way :lol:

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