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  1. The youth team rolls on - won 7-2 against Worksop. One of last years youth team commented on the favourable draws this year (in the previous 2years we were drawn against Wrexham in the 1st qualifying round). Long may the draws be favourable.... good to have one team in the FA Cup
  2. Great result, 4 - 1winners... And the barmy army were in great voice
  3. Worth saying that we were extremely short of players at the previous tie, as a result both manager and coach had to play (Dean Windass and Peter Beardsley as the opposition nicknamed them); probably not what either of them signed up for !
  4. You should have heard him at the away match at their ground.... although you probably could have if you had been outside anywhere in the NW at the time Welcome to the world of Cheshire League 2.....
  5. It makes a change for us to get a team in the same league in the previous 2 years we have come up against Wrexham at this stage! The team will be after revenge after being beaten (3-2) by tonight's opponents Curzon Ashton at the end of August. Hoping for a good game.
  6. The Reserves play in the CFL2 CUP at home on Saturday against Congleton Vale, so anyone not winging their way over the Pennines for the first team game should come along (its free!). This is one of the "top" matches, 4th v 1st so should be competitive! elsewhere Malpass (5th) play Poynton (2nd) while Sandbach (3rd) have a theoretically easier tie against Maine Rd Reserves (14th).
  7. Any news on when an appointment might be made?
  8. OK, so photo op for the college rather than actually an opportunity to celebrate success. Fair enough.
  9. Nice idea but stupid timing, right in the middle of A level and As exams and when everyone is at work... Surely better exposure for the team, club and sponsors if it were a weekend!
  10. Any news on the appointment of a manager?
  11. Any reason why we can't apply to Divn 1??? Div 2 is pretty pants, I've seen it
  12. Just thought, maybe Shaun could persuade his brother to pop down and manage the reserves?
  13. Sorry for getting exciteable Its only just the end of the season and I am already missing football And we need to be cautious as Everton are in the market for a new manager!
  14. I look forward to the establishment of the reserves team, with a foundation made up of the 18 year olds that moved on last year and this year, it has the potential to be a good team; I wonder how the recruitment of a mangager is going? That will be crucial to getting the team established before the "leavers" drift off to other clubs and hopefully get some decent preparation in before the start of their first season. Is there any confirmation which league they will play in?
  15. The bar has been set by the first two years and although some great players will be moving on now, there is still a good backbone of players that will (hopefully) ensure continued youth team success next year...
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