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  1. Well he has certainly embraced modern media
  2. Was Warrington right to go for the bid? Personally I supported it, even though a long shot and it is good that we can now work on continuing to improve the cultural offering. Certainly think as a town/city we are as good as those shotlisted.
  3. Well grey man - there you have it - if you are a journal;ist yourself feel free to submit some investigative articles in your name (which I will protect) and I will happily publish them if I can verify them to be accurate and reliable. While I work with all partners in the town, they ALL understand that if they get something wrong I will report on it in a balanced and fair way -which includes giving both sides of a story. You can email me your news items to in confience.
  4. Well you would think so reading most of the newspaper headlines. Wonder if the Brexiteers will ever admit that voting to leave Europe has had a drastic impact on the economy? It's all very well saying that if the media promote doom and gloom it will create a recession - but may be for once they are actually printing the truth!!!! I have had lots of people telling me things ain't as good as they were before the vote - just hope things settle down before Christmas or it is going to be tough out there!!! Of course I still don't think we will completely leave Europe - just be part of a different set up once all the dust settles.
  5. Unfortunately Greyman the media, like many other organisations have had to make cutbacks during a lengthy period of austerity which started way back in the 90s. They simply don't have the reources to spend hours digging deep on stories anymore and we rely on eagle eyed members of the public to help. There is absolutely nothing stopping you attending council meetings and submitting probing questions which would then be picked up by the media and reported. But I guess that would take time and effort and revealing who you are to the world.
  6. Interesting survey
  7. I have been given a copy of the bid document which is very detailed and put together by the team which won the bid for Hull. I was given it in confidence so I am afraid I can not share it. RE Greyman's comments RE media needing to do more - I am consistently working hard helping promote the cultural offerings of this town and working on backing an initiative as part of our forthcoming 50th anniversary which will hopefully provide a major boost for our town's libraries at a time they need it most.. I also work closely with the town's Civic Society to try and ensure what we have left of our heritage is protected and that we can build on what we have got left. There are plenty of cultural offerings in this town but more needs to be done to promote them and get the various interested parties all pulling in the same direction. If any of you keyboard warriors out there want to get involved drop me a line.and i will get you involved.
  8. Who would have thought it!!? Seems Wolves now going to be facing a relegation battle in the middle 8s rather than competing in the Super 8s
  9. My pleasure
  10. It did - and you can relive the memories with pictures and videos here
  11. Of course we do Baz - but for posts to gain maximum exposure they need to gain traction via shares and likes e.t.c
  12. While many of us have turned to facebook over forums these days, one area where the forum wins hands down over facebook is in SEO. It is amazing how many old topics get resurrected many years later because someone has found it on google or some other search engine. It's not often you see an old facebook post resurected. So this forum is pretty important for future generations and the town's history. God help future researchers with some of the ramblings on here lol
  13. Welcome Janice - you have resurrected a very old post - hopefully someone can help you. It pre-dates my mayoral knowledge of Warrington which only goes back to the 1970s
  14. Quite a surprise in Warrington South - congratulations to Faisal Rashid.
  15. I will be voting in the one that counts - and voting for common sense!
  16. Yes Dizzy I will sponsor you to fill my shoes It doesn't hurt - MUCH!!!
  17. Suspect people aren't voting because they fear you will see how they vote!!
  18. Opinion polls count for nothing - let's see what the exit poll says shortly after 10pm on Thursday - i think we may get closer to the truth then. I often wonder who these people are who get asked. I have never ever been asked how I am going to vote in a poll of any kind out on the street - and if I was I would probably throw a curve ball out of mischief which is what i suspect lots of other people do! And then of course you have the silent Tories who never seem to appear until the last minute!
  19. Apathy wins again then!
  20. I woulkd ask them - why don't you all bang your heads together, put aside your differences and simply work for the good of the people?
  21. I was surpised by the subject selection as well - Regarding advertising - Shelly's has been a long time supporter of warrington-worldwide - with the added bonus of great food. So no issues with it being promoted on here, although not sure this is the right section?
  22. So how is everyone finding the forum since the upgrade? seems to be a bit more activity as well
  23. Let's face it - whatever happens - no one is going to please all the people, all of the time - so as far as I am concerned they can all just get on with it.
  24. Jane is still around and wished her happy birthday on facebook the other week. Mary still on FB not sure about Brenda.
  25. Can't believe I still had jet black hair only 11 years ago - the strains of having two teenage daughters lol