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Warrington Town 1 V Lairds 2


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Lost 2-1. Depleted side today and could'nt handle the sometimes aerial bombardment, we had chances and it underlines the fact we need a frontman with Killer to get 20 each, before anyone says its all about supply then Mannix, Fowler, Parle etc can all provide that. Both goals came poor passing decisions by Doran and Kinsey and Lairds punished those mistakes


In fairness to Lairds they knew when to go long and when also to go wide to Holt who i thought was quality today, pity our previous manager saw nothing in Henders think he's scored 30+ now.


Congrats to their Manager "Sully" who i think has won the manager of the month and i have to mention that i think the league have been unfair to them sending them to North Ferriby in the week when they could have travelled there today and played us in a night game.


In my opinion its time now to finish as high as we can and look to good things next season with a more settled side.

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Can't see the point of having a go at  the 'previous manager' re Henders - he wasn't great in his spell at Town,had he been he would probably be wearing number nine for Runcorn Linnets today.


As for today - lots of long ball,an  equaliser against the run of play, a winner set up by  a Mike Grogan tackle 35 yards from his own goal,his sprint into our box to create the winning goal at the far post.


Oh, I almost forgot,Mike Grogan also played for us under the 'previous manager',all we need is players of his calibre now

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Yes and Grogan was let go as well so can you see the patten emerging.


I'll be first to mention any player that does anything remotely good at another club if Reid has let him go, they're accountable for their decisions!.


Kinsey gave the ball directly to Grogan with a shocking pass so hardly a tackle.

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Cammell Laird form team - Warrington Town inconsistent all season.

Lairds manager experienced as this level - Town manager still learning.

Next season Warrington will win the league by a country mile after what they have learned this year if they keep the back bone of the team together and don't have to start from scratch again.

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First half was nip and tuck. Fowler could and should have scored, but at the same time, dibble saved two 1on1's. Henders was unmarked at the back for his first and looked similar for the second although I was a lot further away for that one. They also hit the bar. Henders aagin I think


We gave a good show in the 1st half but didnt come out for the second with the same desire although headlong into a biting wind didnt help the long punt out.


We have shown this year (skem away) that we have the talent. We just dont do it often enough. I agree we need to keep the bulk of who we have, but we are lacking perhaps a strong midfielder who can control the middle of the park and arguably pace. 


Lets finish the year off with a flourish and start next season with not just an eye on the play offs but how about wining the league?

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