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Persepolis, graphic novel text West Point


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Assigned reading for Army military academy includes comic book by Marjane Satrapi, Persian born french intellectual (redundancy or oxymoron?). She told them, "25 years ago the Iranian mullahs said 'God is on our side. You are going to fight the Big Satan... And 25 years after I hear the American government saying God is on our side... the same words...But when it comes from an Iranian mullah it is normal. An Iranian mullah is supposed to be fanatic. It is not normal when it comes from the biggest secular democracy in the whole world."


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W.W. The Times said that West Point graduates need literature but they have no time for it with their military training and engineering degrees study, hence the comic book elevated to serious text status by being from France (MUST be literature, non?) and by a Persian born lady who was attired as a gothic rock star at the podium. I agree, it doesn't seem too heavy or eloquent - it's not James Joyce, is it?


G.S. I went to my mother's for an outdoor barbecue prepared by my brother -- my grandson and his mother went to Disneyland for the 115th time. The boy is 14 now. (sigh)


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