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for Mary - re 'empty posts' forum problem


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Hiya Mary... I'm posting this on here incase you don't get my PM messgae I sent you last night......
Gary forwarded your email to me about your 'empty post' error but unfortunately I didn't see it until late last night ..

I had a look at your forum account settings and I can't see any reason why you would be getting that as your settings all seem to be the same as everyone elses.

However, after a google I did find reference to others elswhere who use Invisions IPboard Forum (like we use) getting a similar error when using an iPad or iPhone.

Theirs seem to have been resolved by simply clearing their browsers CACHE so it might be worth you giving that a try for starters even if you are using a PC.
Also try using the full editor rather than the quick reply one and see if you get the same error

Try those and them PM me back if neither makes any difference to you.

If for any reason you can't PM me then just email Gary like you did yesterday and ask him to forward it to my personal email address.

Thanks Mary :)

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Intentional Gary in case Mary didn't get the PM I sent her.


....... this topic is only temporarily here as I thought Mary was more likely to spot it she viewed or came online if I posted it in this section as I have no other way of contacting her :wink: :P

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