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Who's to blame?


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Whilst we live in an age of finger pointing and scapegoating, with an eye on the compen; who's ulimately to blame for the now sad state of the NHS?  Could it be, that successive Governments have used it as a political football, to re-organise, re-structure etc etc, and now attempt to privatise it and starve it of finance and staff?  But alas, those shouting loudest now and pointing the finger, are the same politicians who've brought the NHS to it's knees.

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My first thoughts were to sack all the politicians, after all they do work for me, so sacking them would be a start.


Then sort out all the admin wallers. Not one should be paid more than the minimum wage of a nurse, no matter what his/her job title is. Can't really sack them all as somebody has to make sure all the patients notes arrive at the right place.


Then there is the doctors, specialists, surgeons etc. For every hour they work in private practice they should have to work at least two for the nhs.


Finally any treatment of a person not native to our country should be charged at a minimum of £500 for the first treatment, unless involved in an accident in which case treatment would be free for the first twelve months or until declared fit enough to travel to their home country, whichever came first.


(Now removes tongue from cheek and heads off to have a coffee)  :twisted:

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