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I do a lot of my banking online as I find it a lot more convenient and also feel it more priavte than going into a bank and asking a cashier to pay a bill etc.  One thing I have found with banking this way is with overdrafts \ credit limits. All the websites give you an option to apply for an overdraft or increase you limit onlione, but I've yet to find one that lets you reduce your limits! Has anyone else found this to be the case with their bank?

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Can’t think why anyone would want to reduce his or her card limit online or otherwise but then again I’m not a big user of credit.

Not a lot of use to you I suppose but maybe a laugh might help.


I do most of my business banking online and last year, for some reason I wanted to find out if I had an overdraft facility. I rang the bank and told the Indian guy exactly what I was ringing for and he said no problems but first I need to ask some security questions. Do you have an overdraft? I ask are you serious, you can’t ask that after what I’ve just told you. Do you have a problem with the answer sir? And so it went on. It’s no wonder most people these days prefer to talk to machines.


Bill :)

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