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Bank Quay & Arpley Stations.


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I know I said I would not continue posting photos of Warrington - old habits die hard as they say, however I shall apply that only to series of photos, if I find that I have come across anything of interest I shall post them. I hope these are of interest to you.


If anyone has issues with the posting of these images please contact the Moderators or PM me and I shall remove them immediately.


How many of you remember going on your Walking Day trips from either Warrington Bank Quay Low Level or Arpley Stations, now long gone.


This picture shows Bank Quay High Level and Low Level Stations, also the old railway workers terraced cottages that stood opposite the Police Station.

Did you know that the Police Station was built on the site of an old Militia Barracks! (see map of 1893 below).



View from the Low Level station platform.


Similar view with the Manchester-Altringham and all stations to Ditton Junction Push-Pull, you can just make out the steam issuing from the loco cylinder steam drain at the far end of the carriages, more than likely a tank locomotive similar or smaller than the one in the following picture.



Arpley Station situated on what is now a car park and building supply company's yard at the rear of the old Ritz/ABC cinema, it was also Mr Smiths, goodness knows what it is now. The Placard on the wall appears to advertise train outings to London for 37'/6d £1-17-6. The date I'm guessing at the early 1950's.



Pictures of the Arpley Crimea War cannons that stood in the station forecourt have been on here many times but not showing the detail of the sculpture mounting the central column, such a shame that it was taken during WWII to melt down for munitions etc. There would have been a gas lit globe on top of the column, "what a site to behold on a snow covered winters evening!".



Most folk in Warrington have travelled over Bridgefoot Bridge without giving a second glance at the railway bridge over the river, how many remember Gartons Seed Works ('Snotrag' to the children of that era) standing behind the bridge, and do you remember walking under the bridge to the 'Half Mile passage' by the cricket ground that would take you to Slutchers Lane. Notice the yachts on the river bank in the second picture.



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Quite a grand building ,would that have been offices for the railway as well Algy ? I presume it was quite an important line in its day & of course it is still there in a goods capacity.The most i ever remember about the line is at an early age i lived in Liverpool Rd near the the Ship Inn & we had no car so any holidays were by train & we used to walk down Factory Lane as a short cut to Bank Quay & we passed under a low bridge that carried the low level track.

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