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I didn't know about the M.E.N. disaster so that 'Munich' connection escaped me.


Spielberg's film has been playing for about a month now. I haven't seen it. I saw a made for TV movie with the same details back in the 1980s.


If I were to see it I would probably join the list of people who complain that it equates the jerks who infiltrated the athletes camps and slaughtered the Israeli Olympic team as ..... oh, I'm not ready yet after all these years to discuss it rationally, without extreme prejudice. I just have to wonder why others don't feel the same revulsion that I feel for assassins of innocents.


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That's 2 I'll put on my 'must see' list - Manchester U Air disaster & Spielberg's Munich. Both memorable and, in different ways, tragic and sad.


Duc, as for the Munich Olympics massacre, I would think that most rational, caring adults would agree with you.There's obviously a different psyche and moral stance on display with perpetrators of such senseless atrocities. It's trying to fathom the why's & wherefore's that gets me in a spin.

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Steven Spielberg did the official 1972 Munich Olympics film so he was there at the time - one of my pet moans is that no one gets to see these official Olympic films - I will have to have a word with Geoff's marathon hero, Ron Hill, who was red hot favourite for the 1972 gold medal and Spielberg based much of his film (the official Olympic one) around Ron's preparation for the race and bizarre kit - original string vest, silver shorts etc. A new film called simply 'Marathon' is being shot in conjunction with this year's London Marathon on St Georges Day and involves 6 runners from differing backgrounds coming together in the race - I think something similar was done some years ago when 6 from different countries came together in a marathon set in Rome and Michael Crawford actually trained up to a pretty high standard to play the Briish guy and the winner was a young Aborigine from Oz who was 'discovered' in a beach race - can't just remember the brilliant Brit actor who played part of a coach in a wheelchair (he was in Zulu) - anybody remember the film I am digressing about ?? anyway there is a prog on Channel 4 this Thursday night about the new Munich Olympic disaster film - I enjoyed the Munich air crash disaster film but one of the survivors said it was nothing like as it was and I suspect Bobby Charlton refused to be other than a bit part of it.

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