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Upsetting the apple cart...


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I must say, that after several years of comparative peace in the six counties, that it would be a shame to let this peace be disrupted with a dispute over which flag flies over Belfast City Hall .Now ,considering it is part of UK, you would expect the flag of choice would be the Union Jack ,but the good burghers in power there seem to prefer the Irish Tricolour except for a few designated days a year & that is why the Unionists are kicking off. Surely these people need to be adult enough to sit round a table & agree to fly alternate flags on alternate days or fly both flags at all times. Even flying the Euro flag prominently, flanked by the British & Irish flags would be a viable alternative to any future trouble.

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You aren't dealing with rational people.... these are religious and people with a cause to fight.... there is no rational solution except to stop antagonising things by setting stupid precesdents in the first place; like deciding to not fly the Union flag.... I mean what did they think the protestants would do as a reaction? welcome the decision with open arms?



If they had left well alone there would have been no issue because as far as I am aware, the Catholics weren't demanding the flags removal anyway

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Think we need to look at the composition of the Council that voted for this red rag to a bull in the first place. After all, they were democratically elected, and (in theory) should be representative and sensitive to public opinion. As it stands, there are only two flags that require hoisting - the Union Flag, as they are still part of the UK; and the EU flag - as I believe it's required by the EU. :unsure:

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