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Beer Festival Walton Hall - Friday 5th Oct AND SAT 6th


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I added this to the forum calendar but thought I'd put it on here too incase any of you beer guzzlers fancied it as short notice.....it's on Friday 5th Oct :unsure: Edit.. AND SATURDAY 6TH


from WBC's website here... http://www.warrington.gov.uk/events/start/05-10-2012/end/05-10-2012... short notice sorry :oops:


Coast to Coast Beer Festival


Date: 5th October 2012


Location: Walton Hall Gardens


Cost: £3 / £5


More than 30 different beers including local beers and ciders.


•Beers from East Anglia

•Live music

•Hot food

•Free bus service to and from town (Bus depot (bay 1) & Stockton Heath (Victoria Square) every 40 minutes)


Tickets £3 afternoons & £5 evenings available from Walton Hall Office, Rangers Office and Coffee Shop.


Tickets will be available on the door, but due to limited space we recommend that tickets are purchased in advance.


For more information please contact Walton Gardens Ranger Service on 01925 601617 (option 2).

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Stupid me.... or stupid 'them' :wink:


I just clicked on the poster download on the council's web link and it's mentioned there but not on their website events calendar DURH


Friday 5th and Saturday 6th


12.30 - 5pm & 7pm - midnight

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Yep it's on again on Saturday for anyone that’s interested. The events in a large marquee tent just at the side of Walton Hall and not as shown on the map on the web site. It wasn't exactly packed out tonight so we just about managed to get a seat. Beers were good although there were several that weren’t ready but they assured us they'd all be on for tomorrow.


Bill :)

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