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Brendan Rogers


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I really have to apologise for my last post. It should have been a lot more sarcastic but I couldn't fot the life of me be bothered :mellow:

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The point is that you must have been chomping at the bit waiting for a win before you made a comment. :)


Now why on earth would I wait and not jump in two footed like usual? I think you know me better than that. So vigorously was I champing at the bit waiting for a Liverpool win that when said win came I then waited a further 2 days before posting? I know this may bruise your ego but I didn't notice your post. Believe it or not I don't hang on your every word.


P.S. The amount of points Liverpool have accrued in the league so far this season has absolutely no bearing whatsoever one way or the other on the floppiness of your managers moobs. :D

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