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:shock::shock: 500 lbs... is that around 35 stone ?


Have to wonder how someone who has been on death row for so long has managed to get to or maintain that weight as surely they are on a limited or a somehwat healthier food intake than many.


I beleive certain slimming clubs and weight loss programmes guarantee weight loss in a matter of months these days (according to their adverts and leaflets anyway) so there's a thought.... just saying like :oops:

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But obesity is not always the result of over eating or eating the wrong foods. A person can be naturally large in stature from birth (genetically), or, as a result of some malfunctioning body part, such as the glands. My own neice was very slim and pretty as a young girl untill she had a glandular illness which caused her to put on excess weight and try as she may she could not lose it. She was a member of weight watchers but even they did not help. :huh:

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