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Cheeky Parrot!.


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A couple went on honeymoon and while out shopping they bought a parrot to take home with them, That night the bloke was just going to get his leg over when the parrot shouted "somebodies going to get ****** tonight" this put the couple right off and each time they tried the parrot kept saying the same phrase.


They covered the cage up with a cloth but the cheeky parrot persisted, on the final night of the honeymoon the husband whipped the cover off and told it that if it did not behave he would send it to the zoo, it kept quiet until the last night when it heard them talking, they were having difficulty closing the suitcase and the husband said, "well I've been on top and tried, you've been on top and tried, this time we'll both get on top and try", from inside the cage the parrot grabbed the edge of the cover and whipped it off, and yelled, "zoo or no ****ing zoo, this I've got to see". :D :grin:

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