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40's Plenty


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Recent advise from the DfT. This made the papers recently but I know of a road, previously National Speed Limit, toward Croft, that has so been restricted already. Could the D#### M### be befind the times !!!


Get your teeth in to this one Boys (and ladies), but for Jesus sake don't let you know who find out.!

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There are lots of roads like that Boris.... The worst one I know of is the A34 near stone... dual carriageway pretty straight road, almost no houses and they dropped it from 70 to 50..... there is a section that drops to 40 just after a bend where a house is and then there is a speed scamera right at the 40 sign.... it then goes back to 50 after about 100 yards.


On that section of dual carriageway, there must be at least a dozen speed scameras and they even use mobile vans too just to screw a bit more from the motorist!


Persionally I think that every person who works in the speed camera industry and all those that use them should be taken out and shot in front of their families (as Clarkson once said about striking civil servants)....

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Baz, I know that stretch of road very well near Stone, and I do not normally agree with you on shooting people, but a worthy exception to that would be people who work in the speed camera industry :wink:


Kije... it is a prime example of a cash cow is that stretch of road...... and as for agreeing with me on other stuff.... give me time; I'm sure I'll bring you round to the real world way of thinking!! :D

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