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14. Building the MSC. Series 2.


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That's it folks - 'THE END', no more old photos of the building of the Manchester Ship canal (or Old Warrington ) from me, you have seen everything I have to offer. I trust you have found them informative and perhaps learned something of interest about our locality, I have attempted to explain some aspects of the photos though as most of my comments were purely of my own opinion and imparted in good faith I cannot vouch for there accuracy.


As I promised I said that I would provide a link to the source of the first collection of MSC photos here it is:




The second link takes you to the transport archive which I am sure some of you will find interesting:



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The end! :shock: I thought they'd never end! Thanks for all your hard work Algy, you've added immeasurably to my family tree. It's such a mystery to me that the Museum doesn't have your full archive on it's Flckr page as a permanent resource for everyone to use.


Well done you.

They probably don't even know I exist Tracey and to be honest that doesn't worry me one bit!. :wink::D :grin:

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Three cheers for Algy, what a fantastic piece of work,mate, years ago as a kid when I used to play on the canal banks, and in the caves near the Cantalever I never knew what went on to make this amazing feat of engineering possible, and how the Germans used it to navigate to bomb Liverpool, until they put sawdust on it that is, my hat is off to you Algy, much appreciated, I really enjoyed it, but like all good things it has to come to an end, Cheers Algy


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Thanks Algy. ALL very interesting. Learnt a lot from them. You can now get back to getting the camera out and putting YOUR pictures on here again.

Thanks Peter and to all who joined in with comments, queries and information, it has been a worthwhile exercise probably never to be repeated by me, I probably wouldn't have done it this time if it hadn't been for Dizzy giving me a nudge or two!.

Just a reminder to everyone that I shall probably start removing the 'Old Warrington' photos at the beginning of August as every now and then I like to tidy up my Photo bucket account.

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