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Does the teaching of logic happen at the university of bolton?

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I think not. I suspect PR is more of a priority <_<



From the BBC


"Bolton Wanderers footballer Fabrice Muamba, who had a cardiac arrest during an FA Cup tie, will receive an honorary doctorate later.


The midfielder, whose heart stopped for 78 minutes after he collapsed during the game in March, will be honoured by the University of Bolton.


He has been awarded the doctorate to celebrate the medical staff who saved his life, the university said. "


What utter b******* - forget honouring lifeboatmen - just give a medal to anyone they rescue. A nobel prize for medicine to a researcher making a major breakthrough? - forget it let's give it to a patient helped by that research!!!!

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Silly you, you forgot that these honorary titles have no benefits to the recipients. They are just empty titles. They can do nothing with them except maybe hang a certificate on a wall. Personally I couldn't give a three ha'ppenny fart who gets one or who doesn't. :lol::lol::lol:

I agree with you Cleo, although I wouldn't have put it quite so eloquently as you have, what does it matter, it's up to the university what it does with it's honorary degrees, let's face it if actors and comedians receive them why shouldn't anyone receive them.

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If they want to give an award to a footballer for kicking a ball around or find some other reason, spurious or otherwise, then fair enough.


My objection isn't that a footballer receives an award - it's just the nonsensical reason taht is given - if it was for his life being saved then it should have been the medics who were awarded.


Yes Cleo, no need to be so patronising, I am quite aware that it gives no real benefit. (No more than changes in regime in Egypt :rolleyes: )

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