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Fascinators are no longer acceptable and WILL NOT be worn at Royal Ascot this year in accordance with new strict dress guidlines laid down. Those dear young ladies of the royal family who love their fascinators - Duches of Cambridge, Princesses Beatrice & Eugenie etc., - will not like being dictated to as to what they can and cannot wear by the bunch of poncey lesser mortals that are the Royal Ascot organisers.

The dress code states that hats will be worn and headpeices with a base of 10cms or more will be acceptable alternatives to hats. So what is a headpeice with a base of 10cms or more if not a ruddy hat!? :blink::unsure::blink:


I would love to see the royal ladies turn up at Royal Ascot all wearing fascinators and see who would dare to tell them they are not permitted to enter! :wink:

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I thought this was another topic about the manchester ship canal and Fascinators were the people who laid the 'fascine' to strengthen the banks :oops::oops:


Hats it is then Cleo....


I cant see why they take it all so seriously anyway and who cares what size hats they do or don't wear. Pointelss and boring IMO

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