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School photo?!


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When did you last have a school dinner? :unsure: :unsure:

Many years ago when school dinners were proper school dinners and there was always seconds. And the cost then was only a fraction of the cost today. :P:wink:

And you can see from the pictures that the meals being served up are crap and would hardly fill a growing child. :roll:

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Dear me wolfie, where have you been lovie? They are on her website, They have been published on the news sites, such as MailOnline and, if you are quick enough to go and look, there is one on the other site now that looks like a meal for a chicken, peas and corn mixed, a little something round (no idea what it is, a fishcake maybe) a little bread roll and half a beaker of milk.


Forgot the fairy cake. :roll:

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Very well written blog for a 9 year old.




Obviously the poor meals are not affecting her learning. :unsure:


Maybe she has some help from her dad but you know, wolfie, there are some very gifted intelligent young children. My own cousin had to take days off school because she was so intelligent. The teachers could not teach her anything because she already knew everything. She went to university in her early teens. She became a top civil servant in (dare I say it) the Inland Revenue down south.

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I guess that's you told (again) Obs :lol::wink: I missed it too Cleo and had to 'look up' so no supper for us tonight and I guess we'll both be on dishes duty for a fortnight :P


Crikey me and Obs washing dishes together, who would have ever have thought it possible. You washing or drying Obs and perhaps Wolfie or Lt K can be drafted in to put them away :D

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The dishes me and Obs wash and dry of course...I thought that was obvious :lol:


Maybe you should have tried harder at shool Wolfie if not only to gain some normal level of understanding and common sense :lol::P (Only kidding)


Headmistress Cleo will be along shortly with her big stick so I'm off to hide in a Cupboard under the 'teachers only' stairs. It used to work many years ago anyway :unsure:

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