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3, Building the Manchester Ship Canal.


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Apologies to all of you who have seen these photos previously, but there will be many of you who have not come across them before. On completion I shall not be leaving them on here, anyone who wishes to do so should copy them as we go along.


Barton Old and New Aqueducts, steam crane balanced on a temporary railway.



Wide barge crossing the Old Barton Aqueduct, this narrow section was soon to be replaced by the new swing Aqueduct.



Barton Swing Aqueduct before installation.



Young lady watching the new Swing Aqueduct gate being fitted.



The new Swing Aqueduct in use.



Barton old canal swing bridge at Stickens Island, building materials for the new Swing Aqueduct lie on the bank in readiness.



Barton old bridge (left) with the start of a new structure on the opposite side of the canal.



Part of the old viaduct at Barton.



Early stage of Barton Swing Aqueduct excavation work on the Bridgewater Canal.



Barton Swing Aqueduct after Brindley's Aqueduct had been partly demolished.


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love that picture of them putting the aqueduct gate in. No ropes, no jacks just hammer cobs of wood in until it is in place and probably took them less time than it would take to write a risk assessment to do the job today. 8)

Using a mechanical advantage, as far as we know earliest example Stonehenge then the Pyramids, who really knows?. :unsure:

No doubt obs or one of our other academics will be along to inform us! :wink:

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Great stuff, algy, as always.


This really was a magnificent piece of engineering, am I right in thinking it's unique?

The first and only one ever built and operated, says something for Victorian engineering, fugs.

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