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4.Penketh,Sankey, Fiddlers Ferry, Bewsey & Orford.


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Many of these photograph’s may be available

from the Warrington Museum/Library and will

be of far superior quality to those viewed here.

Anyone having any issue with the displaying

of these photographs due to copyright or

ownership infringement please contact me either by PM.

or through the Moderators and I shall

remove them immediately.



Penketh, Old cottages, location unknown, although judging by the front wall being made from what appear to be gravestones possibly close to the chapel in Chapel Lane?.



Penketh Post Office.



Penketh, Red Lion.



This photo is titled; "A Penketh Shop Keeper"?.



Leather workers at Penketh Tannery.



Penketh, The Crown & Cushion.



Penketh, Brook House.



Penketh, The Former Day Star School.




The Ferry Inn.



Penketh, The Red Lion.


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That's great Algy, thanks. Where did you get your maps from? I've bought a few old Warrington Maps but the scales were all wrong and they weren't big enough to show street names etc.

Tracey, try this site.


If you 'fiddle' about enough and use the settings on your computer you can usually find what you want. :wink::D :grin:

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