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4. Stockton Heath Area.


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1909. The new Mulberry Tree Hotel. Love to have known what the jib of the crane was lifting, it can just be seen over the roofs of the houses in London road.



1909. A view of Stockton not seen very often.



1909. Skating on Ackers Pit.



1909. No seat belts worn here then, looks as if this car is being delivered to a Coachbuilder by a young 'Joseph Stalin', have they been or are they going to the Chippy'.



Looking down London Road from the front of the Red Lion Inn.



1911. Loading narrowboats at London Bridge.



1914. The year the First World War started. A quiet London Road.



1923. "This is a far as we go", a tram stopped at the limit of it's journey, just entering Grappenhall Road.



1923. Stockton Heath Square.



Looking up Grappenhall Road.


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I thought thr Mulberry tree was on Wilderspool not in St Heath? :unsure:

I think you are getting a bit 'muxed ip' Cleo, the Saracens Head is on the Causeway opposite what used to be Greenalls brewery, the 'Mull' has always been in Stockton Heath.

There has been a pub on the site of the 'Mull. since 1725 called either 'The Grapes' or 'The White Bear'(according the Stockton Heath Parish Council website).

There were other other pubs in the area, dates on list for that year:-

1826. - The Black Lion, near the junction of Gainsborough road and Wilderspool Causeway.

1826. - The Coach & Horses, now The London Bridge.

1828. - The Buck, Walton. Location unknown.

1832. - The Pied Bull, Grappenhall. Location unknown.

1832. - The White Hart, Lower Walton. Location unknown.

1832. - The Windmill, Stockton Heath. Location unknown

1858. - The Bay Horse, Higher Walton. Now the Walton Arms.

1858. - The Lion & The Lamb, Now the Red Lion.

The Barry Arms, Grappenhall. Now The Parr Arms.

1866. - The Bulls Head, Higher Walton. Was close to the junction of Runcorn road and Chester road.

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Yeah, forgot about the saracen's head. :blink:



Is the Cat & Lion still standing in Stretton? That must be an old un, It was there when I was my daddy's little princess and that's going back... 'ahem'... years!

Still there Cleo the frontage is more or less as you would remember it, at the rear they have 'grafted' on a Premier Inn 'battery hen' doss house, the inside is unrecognisable as we remember it.

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