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One for Obs

Lt Kije

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Just wondered why your OBsessing again?! The difference between the Native Americans and us, is that they chose to fight immigration, but were outnumbered and out gunned, but at least they fought to retain their culture and the land of their birth; something we ceased to do since 1940, due to the antics of myopic liberal luvvies. :wink:

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The Britons did their best (under Artur Pen Dragon), following Saxon mercenaries being invited in by a local British King, but were worn down by attrition (and possibly plague, picked up from their remaining trade with Constantinople) over many years. But at least they tried, rather than turning round and lifting up their togas! :wink:

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I'm B+ myself <_< <_< <_<


On average I'm probably the the same although I did tend to get quite a few A-'s or A's too.


Being honest though the comments 'must try harder' came up quite a lot in the subjects I was less interested in so I guess with a little bit of effort and interest I could have got A*'s. I think I still have that trait :wink:


Thought I'd mention all that as the joke has sort of lost it's way anyway and will no doubt soon be a clone of all the other topics which are blending into one in the way they relate to imigration, the EU, Tax or similar :lol:


It's like being stuck in a time warp if like me you are brave enough to read (and try and keep up with) each and every one :lol::lol::lol:

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Took my school report home one year.

'Can't teach her anything!' my dad read out from it.

'Ahhh! Said my mum, 'she's a very clever girl.'

'Does that mean I don't have to go to school again because I already know everything?' I asked.

No! It means your bloody thick!' my dad shouted at me.


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