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2. Bridge St, Rylands St & Friars gate.


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c1900. Bridge Street close to Market Gate, Crampton's being at No.10.



The photo title say's it all!.



1900. Building the new 'Circus' at Market Gate, the plan was to build all new shops around the centre of the town although one side was never completed. The new 'Maypole Dairy' waiting patiently for the old shop to be pulled down.



c1900. Singleton,s Butchers, No.9. Bridge Street, reputed to be the oldest established butchers shop in England, fact or fiction - who knows?.



c1900. Friars Gate, the building also housed the first Warrington Museum prior to the one we have now.



c1900. The old coaching Inn, The George Inn, Bridge Street.



c1900.Bridge Street showing the congested bottleneck near Rylands Street.



c1900. Entry to the former Eagle & Child from Rylands Street.



c1900. The Eagle Child in Patten Lane off Bridge Street.



c1900. The Royal Court Theatre Rylands Street. "Come on lad's lets go in, we might see a bit of bare leg, I'll not tell your missus's, honest".


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the two people in the foreground of Cooke's art photographer picture look as though they are about fifteen feet tall compared to those standing near the lamppost :blink:

Perspective Sid! or lack of it, cameras weren't as advanced as the ones we have - bit of an understatement I suppose :rolleyes: .

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