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"Lest we forget" they say...... Well looks like they did!


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Why was this not all over every front page and every news channel??? Because some illeterate dick of a football manager got off with tax evasion and the papers deemed that more important....


Bloody disgrace


Florence Green... The last surviving veteran of WW1

A sad fact of life Baz, "out of site, out of mind", how many people today remember the men who died at Waterloo,(and before you appear Woolfie, not talking railway station) or the Boar and Crimea wars!. She was a grand lady who had done her bit!, but unlike Harry Patch she wasn't placed in the public eye as a celebrity. :(

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I can only agree with you Algy. All the media editors should hang their heads in shame!

They prefered to front page a greedy money grabbing football manager who cheated the country of due tax by evasion and got away with it rather than a grand old lady with two in one stories - the last WW1 veteran and 110 (almost 111) years old.


As you say - A BLOODY DISGRACE! :angry:

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