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Cameron's cure?


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The latest "idea" from Gov, is to have an Army of "trouble shooters" to intervene in the 150,000 or so "disfunctional families", that are allegedly costing us £millions, the Gov will stump up 40% of the costs, providing cash strapped Councils provide the rest. So, can we imagine the scene: the "trouble shooter" knocks on the door of family home, the one or two smack head parents are in bed (all day!), and the kids are running riot elsewhere (anywhere but in school); and one of the parents shouts from the bedroom window - " F - off" - end of. Sorry Dave, but the only way imo, you'll break the cycle, is to break up these families, take the kids into care and bring them up in a different enviroment, with a different set of ethics and values. :unsure:

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Well intentioned but useless.We used to have a scheme? whereby if you didn't roll up at school the school board inspector rolled up at your house for an explanation. Non compliance to any great degree and you were in a "home".


That was carried on by some church ministers if you didn't roll up at Sunday School, which stopped me wagging off and playing football on the brick-field, spending the collection money on a bottle of pop.


Happy days

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