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Where is this nice bit of countryside?


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Sorry folks I think they are all back (except one and I'll replace that within the next few minutes) I decided to reorganize my photo bucket files and got myself in a bit of a mess, Hey! I guess I'm never to old to learn by my mistakes. :oops:


I think they are all back in there respective posts, PHEW!!!! :oops: :oops:

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Phew you are still 'with us' Algy. I thought for one minute you were having your 'knowlege' and 'images' surgically removed by strange beings from the museum/library who must be a tad ashamed by their own lack of online digital images now :wink:

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Come on then Dizz, when you wake up!, tell us where the photo was taken as no one else seems to know. You would think the Museum would dedicate a website to displaying there collection of over 1000 archive images of Warrington in the past, the quality of their originals would be far superior to what we manage to scrape up and surely they can't be making much revenue on sales as the demand must surely be very low and infrequent, I suppose the upside is it keeps me occupied though, I must have spent many hours although some are past recovery.







And could have spent more time, but still have more to do!.

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