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Although disappointed like thousands of others Wolves/Wires fans both in and out of Halliwell Jones on Friday night I congratulate the team and staff on having provided wonderful entertainment over the last 8 months and having been recognised as the 'top team'. If, as I understand, there are no medals to go with the League Leader's Shield then I think that is an absolute disgrace which should be rectified.


My only criticism of Friday night's preparation was the lengthy warm up on an unusually warm evening. As as ex athlete I know only too well the importance of stretching and other warm up procedures but these need to be adjusted accorning to weather conditions and after Leeds had come out on the pitch much later than Warrington and departed far sooner I expressed concern that the home side had been burning up too much energy which might tell towards the end of any close encounter which it turned out to be and Leeds had that bit more left in the tank in the last ten minutes.

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The other two gutted members of our hosehold were saying the same the other day about the League Leader's Shield Pedro. They said it seems to be lacking a certain 'something' considering what an achievemnt it is. "Here's your plate, cheers chaps, bye". I thought they got medals too... surely they should do :unsure:

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