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Dreade 'Lurgy'.


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How many of you good folk are suffering from this latest bug going around, starts off with a sore throat then turns into a chesty cough and heavy head cold and leaves you feeling wretched, apparently it is a 'loyal' bug in other words it is reluctant to go away, seemingly it subsides after a few days then reactivates itself, one friend has had it and even after taking antibiotics she still feels unwell. :blink:

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It's that time of the year Algy. Same every year and from the start of our lad starting school 14 years ago come September every year (when they all go back, is taht a coincidence) the GERMS always arrive and spread like wilf fire.


Anyway..... "Yes" the three of had what you mention just over three weeks ago.


Completely wiped our son out first and he/we thoguht he glandular fever again at first as he was so bad. Anyway it wasn't and doc told him to have Ibufron/Ibuprofen four times a day AND paracetamol, eat if he could but not to worry of he couldn't but to drink plenty of fluids. He was upright again after a couple of days but very tired.


Then I got it but don't take paracetamol although I did actually have half a lemsip drink as I felt so bad. No choice but to drag myself out and slowly walk the dog and plod on but I think it did me good and was ok after a few days... I've still got the cough though althought very loose and worse at night but I'm sure it will go.


Other half was wiped out completely for two days and even had to have time off work... he's still got no energy but nothing new there though. He had no cought though.


Bill mentioned he had man flu last week too....and my poor uncle has been tucked up in bed for the past two days feeling like 'you know what'.


Ey up, I have just sneezed twice..... is the pollen back or have you somehow managed to spread your germs via the forum Algy :huh:

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Get your chest rubbed with Vic Diz! :D :grin:

I would have thought that such a derogatory,suggestive,sexist remark directed at a lady member of this forum would have been far below the standard expected of such an intelligent and eloquent academic such as yourself obs., I have Obs-viously misjudged your character. :shock:

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