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Operation Foxley?


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In the Autumn of 1944, the SOE came up with a plan to kill Hitler. It involved a 2 man sniper team getting into a position 200m from Adolf's "routine" solo walk, in the grounds of the Bergoff. However, Allied High Command just couldn't come to an agreement on the operation, so it never happened. It's estimated that it could have ended the war by the end of 1944 and saved 10million lives. :shock:

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It's also estimated that removing Hitler at that point would have resulted in him being replaced by a far more competent military leader.


That could either have prolonged the war hugely, or resulted in a negotiated peace which would have left the Germans and their "final solution" in control of most of central Europe.


The Allies concluded at the time that Hitler was doing more harm than good to Germany's prospects in the war, and so elected not to attempt the assasination.

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O.K. he's not entirely correct - there are pros and cons involved in either option. The Allies had already agreed to the unconditional surrender of Germany and had agreed the division of Europe (and Germany), and there's no way Stalin would have agreed to any compromise in any case. However, there was a fear that an assasination may have turned him into a martyr, rather than taking the full blame for Germany's downfall. :shock:

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