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New Striker Needed!

Furious Town Boys

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As the title explains I think it is obvious we need a new striker or two very quickly.


The only player last night to put any work in was Gahgan (he is not a striker, more a winger) but come on a 5 year old playing football knows not to pump a long ball up to the smallest player on the pitch being marked by defenders twice his size.


Last night it was fantastic to see so many people come out and support the club, there was more in the ground than the announced attendance and I would like to thank everyone who put the work in to make it a success only to be let down by a poor showing on the pitch.


Yes I am sure everyones thoughts are its only the second game of the season but that doesn't pass with me as they have had all pre-season and friendlies to work out we need 2 strikers, we need players who will first off shoot nevermind score.


Curzon didn't even play well themselves but they didn't need too. On that showing we are far behind the top teams in this league already unless we can find 2 strikers and a commanding centre back to replace Mike Tomo.


I just hope those that attended last night will come back again but I very much doubt it. I know majority of my friends who I got to come won't do but now its up to the players to start playing football and win.


I will be there on Saturday hoping the lads can bounce back, only time will tell

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Not normally someone associated with being positive about Warrington Town I can only say what a load of absolute twaddle from a juvenile numpty - grow up furious!

It was ONE game.

Your team won 5-1 away from home on Saturday :blink:

Just as one win doesn't make a season - neither does one defeat.

Curzon have always been one of the top teams and will undoubtedly be in the play off hunt at the end of the season.

Reserve judgement for the end of September - because by then you will know what kind of team you are watching - not after two games!

Yes it must be disappointing to see a defeat in front a a big crowd (307) :shock: but if your so called mates turn their back on a team from one defeat the club will never get a good following - as believe me - they will lose quite a few more times!

Even Man Utd lose some games you know - and put in poor performances.

I would hope no one associated with the club makes a knee jerk reaction on one performance! :roll:

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Insider - yes one defeat does not make the season a disaster after two games but if you were in attendance it was the manner of defeat which was the worst thing to take.


The tactics used by the players was laughable, 6ft defenders against the smallest player on the pitch so we pump the long ball up to him...must have had one clear cut chance, not one shot that tested the keeper, very little back up from midfield when we did have a break on, lack of a leader on the pitch when we need someone to direct the game.


The lack of an out and out striker capable of controlling the ball is the biggest worry, if we don't get some strikers in capable of shooting/scoring then we will struggle for a mid table finish.


I just hope last night was a bad game for everyone and its out the system now.


As I said in my initial post the 2 game thing doesn't go with me as they have played numerous friendlies and had however long in pre-season training surely something was picked up where we lack ability which was evident in last nights performance.

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I only counted one shot on target last night, our only two real chances came from goalmouth scrambles caused by fortunate deflections. Sam Finlay not playing probably also contributed to the lack of creativity last night, while gahgan looked much more effective in the first half when he was playing on the wing and was taking the ball inside and that seemed to be the only way we looked like scoring. This has to be something we use much more as with a little more luck we could have done well from those positions chris managed to get into


Having come back from holiday and gone to nights game without seeing saturdays game we were disappointed, and wondering how the same team scored 5 goals only 3 days before

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Thanks tg for the confirmation it wasn't just me that thinks the same.


I fully trust Joey, Stu and James as they have transformed the team around and improved season after season but Quote Joey Dunn 'we will win the league this year' without an out and out striker capable of scoring goals has to be the worst decision I have seen from Joey.


Gahgan is a winger not a striker, Carden looks good and very fast, them two on the wings are whats needed with 2 new strikers capable of scoring.


We scored 5 goals against Salford with 4 coming from the wingers (Gahgan & Carden) says it all really, Henders is not the answer. We have replaced Tony Evans & Gavin Salmon with him!! There must be better available...

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Henders looked good pre-season and had his moment on Saturday, but I agree punting the ball to Gaghan is wasteful. Shouldnt henders be on the ned of the longpunt?.Gagahn needs balls over the top to run onto or through balls as he can punish flat footed defenders (per salford away).


What concerned me last night was the lack of variance in the play. The left wing was hardly used and once the long ball hadnt worked out, then we looked at bit lost. Sam Finley back will help and I actually think the defeat will help in that 5-1 was a good result but wasnt going to happen every week. A bit of a reality check and some hard thinking in advance of Saturdays game will do wonders.


I think we need to give max support on Saturday as this represents a good opportunity to get back on track particulary with Skem away coming up which will be a tough one. 4 points from the next 6 and that wont be too bad a start to what will be a long season for all concerned.

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After all the hard work that been done on and off the pitch in improving the stadium, the facilities and the pitch - and raising the club's profile in the local community - please don't let one result put any off from coming back on Saturday and getting behind the team.

Everyone connected with the club knows last night's performance wasn't good enough.

Also it doesn't help with team/player confidence picking out on individuals.

Football is a team sport from top to bottom - and one person doesn't make or break a team - and everyone is entitled to an off game/day once in a while as we are all human beings.

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after watching Saturdays match against Salford I thought the 5-1 result flattered us and after last night , totaly agree with the others about the long ball to the smallest player on the pitch against the giant defenders had me scratching my head. Also the defence looked a bit shaky it shows what a big miss Mike Tomo is as there was no leadership.Tom Hardwick is a really good player but needs to be shouting at his players as skipper and organising the defence telling them were to go etc it was very quite on the pitch last night hope it is a settling in period for the team and we can get it going at the weekend or it could be a worrying season.

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Booing the players doesn't help though, does it?


I would say that I'm not sure about Gahgan being a striker. He is a great winger, and has great pace on the ball, but the 2 shots I can remember him having last night were straight at the keeper. Thats my only problem with him.


One thing is though; Pritch went down injured yesterday, and gave a few of us heart attacks. Who do we have as a Reserve keeper?! It was good to see he's got his confidence back after a couple of mistakes towards the end of last season though.

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[quote name='Gary' - and everyone is entitled to an off game/day once in a while as we are all human beings.


This is ONLY the second game and a big one at that!!!!.

As always, it's not the losing but the manner in which they lose. As per the rugby, criticism when they lose is justified because of the high expectations. The supporters don't set the standards, the players do. as for Finlay. Brilliant though he is, he expects to be suspended every start of the season. That can't help the team.

Get a grip Town, the supporters expect high achievements this season.

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Peter T - The supporters don't set the standards, the players do.


Absolutly spot on! We as supporters bounce of the standard set and said by the players/manager. We only want the best for them and to win every game just like every football fan in the country does. Winning every game is not possible we know and can accept defeat if it is in the correct manner of course, bad luck, dodgy decisions, missed chances etc but not what we seen on Tuesday night.


Back on topic of the strikers...


We have replaced Tony Evans, Gavin Salmon with no one? Not a good sign in my opinion

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Clarkey can I have a pint of what you've been on?


I'm guessing your standard of football is not that high if you say he is one of the best in the league. Trust me Town have had much much better strikers and let them go, Gavin Salmon for one. Tony Evans was lightyears ahead of Henders, Jimmy McCarthy etc.


Rob - Henders might have looked good in friendlies against lower league opposition but I think he might be out of his depth now, Tuesday night the defenders had a field day with him, they didnt even need to mark him as he never moved into space or looked like wanting to get the ball. Maybe he will come good and I hope he does but from what ive seen including friendlies he is certainly not the answer to us 'Winning the league' as Joey has stated is the aim.

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From what I've picked up in the friendlies anyway, he seems alright. But considering the fact that we don't have a big pheonix team or something like that like we have had recently (Halifax, FC United, Chester) the League won't be a one horse race like it has been, and I wouldn't expect us to win it, but we are in with an outside chance (Like Spurs or Liverpool in the Prem)


And to be honest, I was never that sure about Gavin Salmon, but the fact that we only have a short winger to go alongside Thommo up front is a bit dodgy really. Gahgan is a great player on the wing, but he lacks the height, which is also one of my only problems with Pritchy. I haven't seen enough of Henders to rate him anough, but if we have Henders and Thommo upfront, Gahgan is great support for them. (Henders is tall, Thommo has a thing for overhead kicks)


So to be honest, I don't think we need a striker. I did after Evans left, but Thommo played well enough to take his place.


(By the way, by Rob do you mean me or the other Rob? I'm assuming you don't, but just checking. :))

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I meant Rob as in Rob Wood (woody by his posting name on here)


Name the strikers we have at the club? Theres only Thommo I can think of...


Gahgan and Carden are wingers, Hickey was playing on the wing last year and in all honesty is not a goalscorer, Thommo is good but needs someone upfront with him and Henders well I have said my thoughts.


If we are to challenge and gain promotion then we need an out and out striker who scores goals. We haven't had one for all the time I have watched Town (4th season now) apart from Evans who left half way through last season.


I fear the worst this season if we don't find a goalscorer, I don't know the situation and there is probably no players available now but surely we knew we needed a good striker during pre-season?


I would love to be proved wrong and Henders turns out to be great but I can't see it from the friendlies and the first two games, just my honest opinion though from a fan who just wants to best for the club and does a lot of work with the supporters club and getting people to come watch the games.

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Every player is entitled to an off day!!!


Not when they're being paid they're not and if you do have a poor game your shirt needs to be the wettest heaviest shirt in the kit bag as you,ve ran all day trying to make amends.


I was'nt there but was that visible? if not then how mentally are they prepared.


I once was forced to forfeit two weeks wages for a dire performance (and a dry shirt) although it was in 1990 when the game was a lot different!!!

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I would say a winger like Gahgan is great support for a tall guy (Henders) and a guy who can do an overhead kick (Thompson), but the fact we are playing Gahgan in the place of Thommo (Where are we playing him, By the way?) is a bit of a mistake. Gahgan one wing, Duffy the other (Or Humphries. Rotate Right Mid and Right back?), Thommo and Henders up front would work well, in my opinion.

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Clarkey, as I said we don't know the market and who is or isn't available in the striker positions, Joey is the only one who does.


Surely if we can get Carden in from Southport on loan who looks really good on the wing then they must have a reserve striker who wants to prove himself by scoring goals at a lower level?


If it was me I would do everything to get Tony Evans back, Northwich are once again in a massive mess so let's give him the option to get out of there and come back to Town! He knows the club, players, fans, board and would certainly be welcome back with open arms!


Peter - Inside forward being what is now known as the Messi role??

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