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Training?, College? and Curriculum / Syllabus ?


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A very strange question here I know but maybe someone on here knows...


Colleges, schools and other learing providers obviously have to follow certain curriculum/syllabus guidleines to enable their learners to hopefully gain a qualification in their chosen subject or trade.


So where can I find out what curriculum/syllabus are followed for certain trades and qualifications and what exactly needs to be learned and when?


Could a person 'learn' these skills and more besides 'elsewhere' through a combination of private study and being taught by an non authorised(qualifies??) 'teacher' but still be allowed to take the relevant exams to gain their qualification WITHOUT having to go to college at all ?


Just wondered....

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If it's a nationally recognised qualification you're after then it will necessarily involve some kind of formal assessment, as it should. Much depends on what, where and who, and whether it's part of something like an apprenticeship or not. It also depends on what level, rough guide here:




For curriculum/syllabus stuff, you need to look at the appropriate exam boards (such as Edexcel, AQA, City & Guilds). Theoretically, you can sit exams as an external candidate at any place (school, college) who's holding them, but you'll have to present a very strong case since there's not really much in it for them.


If you've got loadsa money it might make it easier, but there's probably a shedload of charlatans out there happy to take your dosh without giving you what you want.


You could pm me with some specifics if you like.

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Your need to be a bit more specific DIZZY - but if you select a 'professional' body like the British Computer Society or the Institute of Managers - they have recognised and certified series of profesional qualifications that you can take - but in both these cases it will cost YOU unless you can get your employer to invest in your future. I paid for all my BCS qualification but I was allowed a day off a week by Fraser Williams - BUT when it came to the Institute of Managers my boss said that I wasn't able to take on that commitment because I was doing too much - I ignore him and he tried to get me suspended - I ended up with an executive diploma in Management - so stuff him :mrgreen:

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open university courses are done from home so how are they audited. (is that the correct term? and if so where did I get that from :shock: )


Think I had the leaflet for the college courses for Warrington through the door the other day but have not had chance to have a look at it.

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