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Quirkey weight LOSS

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Like most people I'm trying to lose weight, get a six pack back and lose the barrel I've even turned up and enrolled at the over 50+ rugby last night at the Range. :blink: I didn't join up though as I was exhausted from campaigning all day in the by-election. But Clive Jones and Killer have assured me that I will lose the odd pound so that's incentive enough. Well done Age UK, Warrington Wolves Foundation and WBC for sponsoring the initiative (other brands of sponsors are available) of us young at heart rugby league fans. :mrgreen:


By the way I have never played rugby league in my life and you don't need to have done so.


Anyway getting back to the slimmers theme.


What do you think of what Pauline Quirke has achieved by losing 6 and a half stone in 6 months - that's half my weight :P ?



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She looks absolutely fantastic and I wouldn't have recognised her but that is a huge amount of weight to loose in such a short time. Once she starts to eat real food again the weight will probably start to go straight back on again as it does for many who try these quick fix fad diets.


This 'Lighter Life' diet is basically a drink/strange meals and also incorporates very high fats, just enough protein and very very low carb intake. It's is a type of Ketogenic Diet which puts your body into a ketosos state.


Is it safe... no idea... but apparenly you have to have medical checks before and during the LL diet then you have to introduce foods very slowly or it can make you ill.


Surely a balanced diet and exercise is far better although although obviously it would take a lot longer to shift 6 stone but you'd be more likely to keep the weight off I'd imagine.


Anyway Geoff.......... good for you and enjoy your new found sport but make sure you wear your mouth guard and pads for when you get floored. I believe you will be training against the Wolves next month :lol:


PS are there any other things like this but for the over 45's as I'd love to get fit and do some fun exercise but I'm not into gyms full of young fit posers with fake tans. I'd be a laughing stock as I'd keel over after 10 minutes :oops::lol:


I suppose I could always lie about my age as I'm sure I'd easily pass for being well over 50 at the moment :unsure::lol:

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I think that this is a pilot scheme and will only last for the length of the available funding.


Anyway Clive said it was touch rugby - non contact.


I've only ever played once and that was for Waterloo in the other code - I lasted well until the whistle went and then I was floore/winded couldn't breath and everyone left me to go to the bar. When I crawled back in I found the guy who was going to give me a lift home was so dadly beaten up that he couldn't drive :blink: - still I got to drive his lovely red mini home through the tunnel. :D

I never played again - and I didn't know the rules as I'd only seen Rugby League on the telly so I wasn't the most popular player on the pitch - they never asked me back :roll:

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