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Stockton Heath Festival 2011 - Photo's


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I forgot the ones of the dog show... I only took 4 though as it was so much to watch I forgot to take more pics. Catch the sausage even was hillarious and some rather sad and confused doggies when they missed their catch and had to leave the arena.. then had to watch the others getting their next sausage.


An entrant in the best puppy comp... HUGE or what !!




a couple of other locals




and third place in the 'Scruffiest Dog' competition... better than coming first though :D



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and now for the Dizzy tear jerker...


and the winning Greyhound




This greyhound had just gone to its new home this weekend and was adopted through the Merseyside Retired Greyhound Trust.


There were so many retired greyhounds there some as young as 3 years old. :cry:


Some were with their new families... and others were there in the hope that they may find new families on their day out.


One of the 'hopefuls' entered the sog show led by a group of kids it had never ever met from the audience and it was so lovely to see how gentle natured it was... I would have adopted it there and then had I had space for two dogs at home.


It certainly opened my eyes and despite what I've always thought Greyhounds are the calmest, most lovable, attentive, nice natured and wonderful dogs I have ever come across despite all being ex racing dogs and in foster care or the organisations kennels due to being holmeless. Heart breaking to hear how they are treated during their racing life and this wonderful organisation and it's hard working people give them the hope and love that they so deserve.


They are also campaigning to stop greyhound racing in the hope that no more finish up unwanted and in dog homes just because of age (and young at that) or through lack of winning, injury or lameness.


So before I start blubbering again... even if you can't adopt a greyhound support them if you can as they really deserve it.


Here is their website.. but unless you have a box of tissues hand don't click on the video page.. I cried all the way through it.




and they also have a facebook page




All money from entrants to all the dog show categories went to the Merseyside Greyhound Trust who ran it in conjunction with Pets Pantry who also donated all the prizes

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My other half wants one after our present dog dies. I told her we need some "us" time for a change without having our lives organised by a dog like it has been for the last 40 odd years. And yes I know all about greyhounds and how could they are and that they don't need a lot of exercise.

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