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Otterspool/Blundell Sands-Promenades


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The following pictures were taken at the River Mersey in the vicinity of Liverpool on Monday afternoon. 4th July 2011.

Otterspool promenade was very quite with few people around, whereas Blundell Sands at Little Crosby was very busy, both have well paved wide promenades providing a safe (daytime) walking environment and at river high tide from an hour before and an hour after give excellent ship photography opportunities, telephoto lens shots are a must and for best results use a tripod.



Otterspool Promenade.

It's hard to believe that you are less than two miles from Liverpool City center at 2.00pm with very few people about.



Large oil tanker MV Navion Norvegia discharging crude oil at the Tranmere deep water oil terminal with the MV Keewhit bunkering (supplying fuel oil) to the large vessel.

Taken from Otterspool Promenade, ]



The MV Ayse-S, a Turkish registered chemical products tanker leaving the River Mersey and heading for the Irish sea.

Taken from Blundell Sands promenade by Little Crosby Coast Guard Station.



The Mv Ayse-S outgoing and passing the incoming MV Steersman another chemical products tanker heading for Ellesmere Port.

Taken from Blundell Sands.


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