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Warrington The Beginning of the end !


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I think this was it..... and I hope you can see the image if not press and hold down your ctrl key and press + (before releasing ctrl) to zoom in.... (or however you usually zoom on your monitor)..... to zoom out do the same but press -



Hi Dizzy,



Sorry for the delay in replying but yes there is a quick way to post images here from flickr



1. double click the image you wish to upload in your photostream.


2.Click on the "share this" box above the image and then click on "grab the HTML/BBCode"


3. choose the size image you want( I use medium)


4.Click the BBCode button


5. use your mouse to highlight the text from [i to [/i] img] like in the picture.


6. Paste into your message for the forum. make sure there are no stray characters before or after the [img bits as its a bit tricky sometimes picking up the text.


Post message and there you go.





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I just realsied that must have already changed your first post as I was typing my reply... but I/we cant see any now unless we are signed into Flickr (and not everyone has a Flickt account).


I do but I can't remember my user name now as I've not used it for so long :oops::blink:

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Great photo's Arty :D:wink:


Were you involved in the building of it and/or did you take the photo's as I've never seen any of the ones you upload before.



The secret will be told when I have finished posting....you will not have seen any of them! I have permition to post them..

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Oooh Arty I love secrets and being kept in suspense....actually no I don't as it frustrates me not knowing :lol:


I hope you don't actually 'finsh posting' though and that you stay one here for a long time :wink:



2 per day ..keep you in suspenders! ups suspence!

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It most certainly will Arty :lol::wink:


Slightly off topic but ...while you are looking through all your old photo's of changing Warrington if you happen to come across any of the clearing of the area / building of the cockhedge centre can you see if there are any which show TILLY STREET etc (it's still there and next to Commet and the car rental place) as my great great? grandfather and his family lived there and I'd love to know what it was like... Ta :)

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I was just about to ask where your next photo's were Arty and there they are.


The topic didn't show as being updated as you have put them in your original post and I never thought to just check to see. :oops: It good having them all together in one post though :wink:


Brilliant pics... and keep them coming.



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