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VPX (The Victoria Park Experience) is back


The award winning VPX is back for another four days of completly FREE fun for all the family


we have Coaching in bmx, Skateboarding and blading from Rampworx and we also have Football. Rugby, Cricket , Golf, Tennis, Rowing, Basketball, Volleyball and loads more including Zumba, and for the younger ones Face painting and bouncy castle. All for free


A big thank you to everyone who supported last years event that won us the innovation in sport award at the Cheshire and Warrington sports awards and for your continued support this year


the dates for this year are

Tuesday 2nd August

Tuesday 9th August

Tuesday 16th August

Tuesday 23rd August

starts at 10am til 3pm

with refreshments available FREE on the day, please pass this on to as many people s you can


for more info contact PCSO TONY SPRUCE OR PCSO TOM REID at stockton Hath police station tel 01244612630

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Well done Kemik. It reads better than the one I was going to put up. (And I hadn't forgotten.)

even though I did put Stockton Hath instead of Heath


We now also have Archery and MC/DJing workshop with support from Coliegate and with a chance for some to take up a course at College including Djing/MCing and other media.


Cheshire Search and Rescue will be on hand to assist with first Aid and carry out displays this is also a great chance to see what great work these people Volunteer to do and you never know you might want to join them.

I will update with more activities when I remember what we have

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  • 3 weeks later...

I don't know if it's just me but I wasn't logged into the forum and I clicked on the calendar to see which day the VPX event was on this week so we could go and it didn't show it. I found out by clicking on this topic though.


But now I have logged in I can see it on the calendar too :unsure:


Can anyone else see it on the calendar when they aren't logged in as we should be able to as it is set to 'public event viewable by all' ?


It's also not showing at the bottom of the main forum page in 'upcoming events' for Tuesday although a different event on the day after is showing.


If it's just me I will delete this post... if it's not just me I will move this post to the 'forum problems' section

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At the top of the page underneath the Warrington Worldwide header you will see three tabs ' Forum, Members and Calendar'


Click on Calendar and it will now bring up August's calendar 'sheet'.


When I am logged in I can see the VPX event on the Tuesday's from tomorrow... but when I'm not logged in I can't see them.


To ADD to the calendar click the relevant 'add event' button (single event, recurring etc)


Enter details of date, time (if not an all day event), title, details etc....... and submit.

make sure you manually enter the date on this screen or it defaults to today's date


Set it to 'public - viewable by all' if you want everyone to see it... or you can set it so that just you see it if it's a personal reminder


It will then be added to the calendar and if 'public' it will display as an upcoming event nearer the time at the bottom of the main forum page for all to see.


Well it should anyway... but the VPX recurring one isn't to me

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Brain activated... I now know why only I can see it.


Each of the VPX days events are pink in the calendar meaning for some reason they are only viewable to us mods and Admin. I have not unapproved them, you wont have Peter as you don't know how to use it and I can't see that Gary would have unapproved them. How odd.


... SO I have just taken the liberty to click APPROVE and they should be viewable now by all.


Gary, if I have overstepped the mark and you had disabled them for some reason can you let me know please and I will 'unckick' my approval

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I know... that's why I clicked it. Must have just been a glitch as all the others seem ok that have been put on apart from Bill's birthday in September which is also pink and seems to be waiting for approval. I've left that one 8):lol:


Anyway, back to VPX.


Hope the sun shines tomorrow and I might even pop along for a play if I have time (is there an age restriction?) :D

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Kemik... unless people have a facebook account they can't access your link. Maybe you should make it open to all. Saying that most people probably have FB accounts these days eh :wink:


Would be great to see some pics on here though like you say... but if WWW can't get there on Tuesday you can always upload some yourself onto your forum topic.


Hope the sun shines again for you all this week :D


What's on this Tuesday ?

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Another briliant day yesterday with even more kids and parents turning up at vicky park for all the activities.


Just a quick point for anyone who thinks all kids go rioting and are bad come over next tuesday and see some of the great young people that are around. such as the volunteers who turned up at 6.30am to help us set up and left at6pm when we were finished, one lad is 17 the other 19 and are definatly great role models to follow for young kids thinking of rioting or causing bother.

and if anyone around fancies giving them a decent job please get in touch and i will pass their details to you

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