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Confused higher education?


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EU students must be charged the same as "home" students in each country - meaning they go for free in Scotland but must pay up to £9,000 in England next year. But under a quirk of European law and the UK's system of devolved Government, Scottish universities can charge students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland a higher fee because they are part of the same nation state.


Not the Eu a fault, Its our system of devolved government :wink:

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Not the Eu a fault,


never is as far as you are concerned though is it?


Not long now though until Greece gets another handout (with a bit from us thrown in for good measure) defaults on its loan repayments and goes bust and reverts to the Drachma so that it can start again and set its own currency values.


then the house of cards will collapse and all the little EU commissars will have to go and get jobs directing traffic instead of making our English lives a misery and costing us billions for the pleasure of helping everyone else.....


Come the glorious day and it gets ever closer Kije!! :wink:

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It would be cheaper for an English student to study for a degree in English at a Scots university than it would be for a Scot student to study Polish at an English university.


Those sneaky Scots, eh?


If you're from the IoM or Channel Islands, it's even tougher, nearly everyone fleeces those.


There's a lot of unknowns about 2012 fees as yet, but the real bother for me in all of this is that fewer bright kids from lower socio-economic backgrounds will see a degree as a realistic option.

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