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Rossendale United


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Leigh Genesis went last week and now followed by Rossendale who were in our league two years ago!

Suspect there will be more to go soon! :(


Chairman Andrew Connolly says he had no option but to call time on Rossendale United - and insists he did so with a heavy heart. The Stags were kicked out of the North West Counties League at the League's annual meeting on Saturday - and it now seems certain that the 113-year-old club will die. United are cash-strapped and in February were forced to postpone games after the water supply to Dark Lane was disconnected. Connolly, who has not been out of the country contrary to claims made at the League AGM, has been trying to sell the club but there has been no interest.


He said: "It is a very sad day for Rossendale United and for me personally. It has been well documented over the previous months the financial predicament the club has found itself in and as I have stated previously I am not in a financial position to bale out the club once more. We have had several positive meetings with the supporters but we cannot get away from the harsh facts. I have had no interest from any third parties to get involved in any way, which is understandable in this difficult economic climate and so it is with great sadness and a heavy heart I find no option but to call it a day. I would like to thank all the local volunteers and supporters for their help in particular to Billy and Dave Howarth and Dave Rogan and many more for all their great support over the years."

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