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i am trying to think of ideas to get more people down to the games this upcoming season and was seeig if there was any ideas.


i was thinkin advertising fixtures etc more with posters etc that our younger fan can put up round school college etc and maybe reduce prices for fixtures where it is known that we wont have a good attendance

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We are planning to have posters to distribute - but can't do anything until the fixtures are out after July 13th.

We will be looking for fans to help distribute them in their areas and schools and places of work e.t.c.

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just as a note.. Warrington Collegiate closes for summer on Sat 2nd July and primary and secondary schools close around 22nd July so it would be September before you could put posters up in most schools unless you are very quick.

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Or... we could "Borrow" Wolfie from the wolves, sell him then buy our own mascot, like one of our "Loyal" sponsors did.


And you're not going to get many people coming from GSHS and taking it seriously.


And, erm, Shareza, I quite like Old Trafford. Change your motto to "Who needs the City of Manchester Stadium", please :)

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we could give comp to local schools to design mascot and then do it that way


Primary or Secondary?


That is a pretty good idea. Maybe start off by handing out leaflets about it out at the gate and see what we get?


And if this does happen, we can't let a wolf design win, it doesn't help shake off the big shadow of the Wolves round the corner.

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