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Blairs school party


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What a pair of meanies... :lol:


But then again the whinging parents of the other kids are laughable as ?10's not that bad to go to a party in the mansion of the ex-prime minister which they were initially very excited about :roll: Personally I would have paid ?10 NOT to go :wink:


Always thought his son went to a posh private school though so how come the 'poorer' kids go there too :?




I wasn't going to bother posting about this until the Telegraph suddenly removed their news link infront of my very eyes.

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I too, would want to avoid TB. He's one of my least favourite people.


However, 'standing back' and reading about this story, I can't help but think that the school has applied the charge to get the children from school to 'Blair Towers' and back to base again.


Hopefully, TB will step in and pay for the coach(es) at a later date.

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You are possibly right there... I do think the excited, willing and eager parents are showing their meaner colours though. I presume they are not having to pay anything towards the actual party/food/entertainment (or whatever). Most parents have to chip in for school parties whether that is by donations or providing some nibbles etc and most are in school halls or playgrounds and where school outings are on the cards payment for coach/admission is usually required too.


So £10 for a party in the horrible little man's mansion is still quite reasonable if you are into publicity stunts I suppose :wink:

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