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Just came across this news report today while looking for info on the volcanic ash cloud... nothing to do with volcanos or ash though.


India's 2011 census apparently shows a big decline in girls under the age of 7 and so I read on. :?


Surely in this day an age women should not be forced to basically kill their unborn children simply because they are girls :cry: They estimate that eight million female foetuses may have been aborted in India in the past 10 years.


To make it even worse the pressure to abort the girls (even at 5 months gestation as one woman reports) seems to come from their husbands and his family :evil:


I know we all live in different cultures but this to me is barbaric and shows that their meaning and reasons for 'having a family' is very far away from what we all think it is.



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In many cultures it's still the case that a son is a provider for you in old age, whereas a daughter will require you to give away a significant proportion of your assets as a dowry.


If you have two or three daughters and no sons then poverty in old age is pretty much assured.

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