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Is Skelmersdale a Derby?!


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The two closest clubs to us are Trafford and Witton both 10 or so miles away. Our derby according to the league (i.e. boxing day and easter monday is Salford City), but the only team to come to The Cantilever and be noisy so far is Chester on the first night of the season. Skem call themselves the standbangers for obvious reasons, so we will need to be loud again tomorrow

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We have too many teams classed as a derby in this league if im honest, our closest ones would be leigh or witton in my opinion


Agree that chester have been the only fans to make some noise this season at our place, been rather disapointed with away fans of late! doesn't give the barmy army much competition to outsing the travelling supporters.

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Tomorrow is the biggest United match for ages as well as a big Derby, which I hope we win, and we are here talking about the Warrington/Skelmersdale Derby. (Which I hope we win)


I'd say it is much a derby as Liverpool v United or Everton v City - and hopefully they will bring a few fans tomorrow as they are going for the title!


Is Everton/City a Derby?

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