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Ban booze?


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The statistics from the medics are rubbish - as usual.


They're claiming that heavy drinking is "linked" (not a causative factor with a causal mechanism identified and understood, just "linked") to cancer in 1 in 10 men.


Since more than 1 in 10 men are classed as heavy drinkers by the same medics with their "pull a figure out of thin air and use that as a recommendation of maximum consumption" 21 units per week limit, then these figures actually indicate that heavy drinking does not increase the risk of cancer!

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One statistic for you. 100% of all divorces are caused by marriage.


Almost anything can be linked to a cause of cancer. It may be a tenuous link and the possibility may be greater than my chances of winning littlewoods pools. (do littlewoods still do a football pools? I know I don't) But prove a link and get some newspaper to publish it and you have a great little space filler when it is a slow news day. :wink:

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