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SWING GIRLS 1930s and 1940s Big Band Sounds


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You Brits are lucky, you share a DVD zone with Japan and can easily see Swing Girls, Japanese high school girls win a music competition with In the Mood, Sing Sing Sing, and more. I can see a couple of these on You Tube, but the compete film is not licensed for sale in the USA. We could use it. It can make an old man cry.

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Aw, jeez, cute little girls in cute little outfits, drumming like Krupa, blowing brass like Dorsey, reeds like Goodman, SING SING SING !!!


OK, it's ersatz jazz recreated from 75 year old recordings, but it's still pretty hot !!!


And most amusing of all, the audience trying to clap hands to the beat. Some of the 'extras' on that set just don't get it.

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Lucky you! Not heard Helen Forrest for years. Must admit, I haven't got anything of her in my collection.

Are you just a swing/big band man or do you go for more recent stuff - bop, West Coast, MJQ, Keith Jarret, etc.

adam there is plenty of helen forrest on i tunes and amazon --yes i am a big band man have been for over 40yrs i listen to it every day--as i am typing this i have harry james on. cant beat it mate.

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