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The Derby is back in 2012


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Well done to Widnes, Im delighted they are back were they belong in SL.


If I had my way Wakey and Crusaders would go to be replaced by Widnes and Halifax.


One thing I will say is that I reckon a certain Jon Clarke will be sporting the black and white of Widnes next year and what about Cullens nephew Mike Cooper too?


It will be very interesting to see who they recruit now they have some serious wonga to spend.

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Widnes should never have been out of Superleague. They have a far bigger fan base than the Taffs, the Cockneys and the Frogs. Both clubs, the Wire and Widnes were quite right to refuse a merger to become *Cheshire* at the outset of Superleague which I told Paul Cullen that Sunday morning when I threw my season ticket on the desk at Wilderspool and said he could stick it where the Sun don't shine. I look forward to the resumption of the local derbies in which I will still dislike Widnes with the customary venom. Their supporters will fill the west stand which will be a welcome cash return more so than the 20 or so Cockneys and Frogs. It's a forty grand+ difference.

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