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How annoying


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Beautiful blue skies, the sun is shining, doors and windows open enjoing the spring day, happily plodding away on my PC and then at 12.29 WHAM !!


A sudden power 'outage'... pc went off and came straight back on again and all I can hear is bloody house alarms going off everywhere... not to mention the frustration of how having to make sure everything I had open at the time is still ok :shock:


Anyone else had it other than us lot in Stockton Heath and Lower Walton and what causes these sudden switch off's/on's.

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yes the lights dipped at work today, and the tone of the pumps for the analysers changed for a second, at about that time. i imagine its national grid changing the source of supplies, or that fellow from national lampoons christmas vacation switching on his christmas lights early :lol::lol::lol:

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:lol::lol: Ours only went off for a second and thankfully no harm done to my pc 'workings'.


Strange that Grappenhall was down for so long though, I recon someone was trying to stop Algy uplodading all his historical photos of Warrington :wink:

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