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Wildlife in Warrington


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Stuff you see in your garden or on your travels. Prompted to start this thread 'cos I've just seen a pair of these in the grounds of my workplace:




Not very common around here apparently.


There were reports some time ago of an otter sighting in Glazebrook, anyone seen it?

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Though I had seen something similar when I opened the link but the bird I saw was only the size of a sparrow not a starling.


Definately not seen one of those but will keep an eye out as ine would look lovely in a bird cage :wink::lol:

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About four years ago in late winter we had a flock of around 30-40 Waxwings in the large trees in Bellhouse Lane grappenhall, they eventuall roosted in a Crab apple tree in my garden and proceeded to gorge themselves on the fruit, as usual by the time I managed to get my camera they had flown, not spotted any since.

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awww it's so cute... are they not wild birds then?


As for your waxwing I remember someone else posting on here about seeing one last year but I can't remember who it was or when it was. It might have been Geoff S.

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